Must have security features

Virus detection

Our advanced virus detection engine can identify if a device contains spyware or bugging software.

Keylogger detection

Find malicious keyboards installed on your device that could allow someone to record things you type (e.g. passwords).

Find tracking apps

Check which apps can access your location, microphone or camera. Get alerted if a known tracking app is installed.

OS integrity check

Analyzes your operating system for signs of tampering that could compromise security, such as Jailbreaking

Vulnerability scanning

Scan for security vulnerabilities that make your device more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Threat removal

Our intelligent scan will either safely remove threats for you or provide easy-to-follow instructions.

People like what we’re doing

Does exactly what it says. Clear to read and understand. This is now the second iPhone we’ve used it on and would certainly recommend this app.

colinandmandy94, App Store

Installation was a breeze and the software is so easy to use! You just plug your charger into the computer and your phone and scan! That’s it! Thanks for the peace of mind Certo!

Katey Flamank, Trustpilot

It’s a good app which guides me through checklists that help safeguard my personal info and privacy to a higher degree not to mention what it looks out for and checks on its own. Things I ordinarily might overlook if not for being prompted by this app to act on. I recommend it.

Hallyto, App Store

Very happy with Certo's app. I am not very technically minded but I found it easy enough to use. Also it doesn't seem to slow my phone down or pester me with ads like lots of other apps. Would definitely recommend it.

Evelyn K, Sitejabber

Great App! This new version of the App did exactly what I needed. Easy to use and would highly recommend. Thanks!

rob-g21, App Store

35 years in Cybersecurity. This App is Safe, Effective, and Extremely Informative. Beginner through Expert Users can benefit.

BeaunTeK, App Store

Certo made checking my apple iPhone and iPad for viruses and malware so easy. I wish I would have gotten there program sooner. Their customer service is also top notch and friendly staff.

Michael, Trustpilot

Not only does Certo have the best customer service, they were easy to install and the scan was what was promised! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to make sure their phones are safe. Best of the best! Thank you Certo team!

Sandee, Trustpilot

Concerned your iPhone has a virus?

Scan today with Certo AntiSpy.

Easy to use

Simple yet powerful, our products let you check your iPhone for threats in a matter of minutes.

Illustration of Certo AntiSpy application

Scan with Certo AntiSpy in 4 easy steps

Install Certo AntiSpy

Download and install the Certo AntiSpy app on your computer.

Plug in your iPhone

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.

Run the scan

Hit ‘Scan Now’ to perform a full scan of your device for spyware and other security threats.

View your results

Once complete, view and remove any threats with the click of a button.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, Certo AntiSpy can detect spy apps on your device even if they have been hidden from view.

  • Yes, Certo AntiSpy’s app permissions check lets you see which apps can access your location, microphone or camera. You’ll also be alerted if any known tracking apps are found.

  • Certo AntiSpy is a computer application for Windows or Mac that scans your iPhone over USB. Due to the way iPhones work, installed apps cannot scan areas of the device where spyware typically hides. Therefore, Certo AntiSpy works via your computer, which allows it to perform a full and complete scan of your iPhone.

  • Yes. All of Certo’s products support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

  • No. Certo AntiSpy does not install any apps on your iPhone and we won’t remove any malware without your permission. This means that someone monitoring the device cannot see that Certo has been used.

  • Yes, Certo AntiSpy can remove most threats from your device with a click of a button. Some threats may require manual removal and you’ll get easy to follow removal instructions directly in the app.