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Introducing Simon

With a passion for cybersecurity and a dedication to innovation, Simon has carved out a formidable reputation over a career spanning more than 15 years. As the co-founder of Certo Software, his vision has been central to the company's rise as a trusted name in cybersecurity solutions. Much of Certo’s early success can be attributed to Simon's hands-on approach; he personally crafted the first versions of Certo’s apps, embedding his expertise and dedication into every line of code.

Holding an honors degree in Computer Forensics, Simon's academic background sets a solid foundation for his professional endeavors. Before embarking on his journey with Certo, Simon was a sought-after cybersecurity consultant. He advised numerous companies and law firms during times of cyber crisis, aiding them in navigating the complex mazes of hacking incidents, fraud cases, intellectual property theft, and eDisclosure. His ability to break down complex cybersecurity challenges and craft tailored solutions made him an invaluable asset to his clients.

At the heart of Simon’s drive is his genuine desire to assist others. Whether through creating state-of-the-art software or sharing his extensive knowledge in captivating written pieces and engaging discussions, Simon's goal remains consistent: to empower individuals and organizations in the face of cyber threats.

Outside of his professional realm, Simon is an amateur astrophotographer. The UK skies may not always be clear, but when they are, Simon enjoys capturing the celestial wonders above.