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Introducing Russell

Russell is an accomplished cybersecurity professional and a pioneering co-founder of Certo Software, with over 15 years of specialized experience in the field. His journey in cybersecurity, underpinned by a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, is driven by a profound passion for technology.

Before embarking on his journey with Certo, Russell made his mark as a respected cybersecurity consultant. His expertise was sought after in a wide range of digital forensic investigations, serving law firms, banks, and multinational corporations. His knack for understanding the intricate nuances of cybersecurity led him to spearhead the development of a groundbreaking tool employed in covert technical operations by various governments and law enforcement agencies.

In 2015, Russell's vision and expertise culminated in the co-founding of Certo Software. He played a pivotal role in shaping the company into the trusted name it is today. His commitment to the field extends beyond corporate walls; Russell is a regular contributor to external publications and the Certo blog. Here, he shares his unique insights and knowledge, staying true to his dedication to advancing cybersecurity understanding and practices.