This article applies to: iPhone & iPad

The Problem

Your device does not appear in the list of backups to scan within the Certo AntiSpy application.

The Cause

Certo AntiSpy works by analyzing an iTunes backup of your device. The software therefore requires a complete backup of your iPhone/iPad on your computer in order to scan it for spyware. Certo will automatically check your computer for available backups at launch, if none are found, the list will be empty.

The Solution

Ensure that you have backed-up your device to your computer using iTunes, an iCloud backup will not be recognized. Instructions for creating a backup can be found here. Once completed, re-launch Certo AntiSpy or click the ‘Refresh’ button and your device will appear in the list ready to scan.

If your device was backed-up automatically at the end of a software update then Certo will not recognize it as this is not a complete backup. Simply perform another backup manually and your device will be recognized.

Device still not appearing? Please get in touch and one of our support team will be happy to help.

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