This article applies to: Android

In this article we show you what to do if you are having difficulty uninstalling the Certo app from your Android device.

The Problem

You are trying to remove the Certo app from your device but it fails or the uninstall option is missing.

The Cause

Certo’s Intruder Detection feature requires you to grant ‘Device Admin’ access to allow the app to detect someone trying to guess your PIN. On some devices, apps with Device Admin access cannot be uninstalled in the usual way. To uninstall the Certo app, first remove the Device Admin access. You will then be able to uninstall the app as normal.

The Solution

To remove Device Admin access for the Certo app:

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Search for “device admin” and then tap on Device admin apps in the results.
  3. Tap Device admin apps to show the list of apps with access. Note: Some devices will show the list of apps straight away and this step can be skipped if so.
  4. Find the Certo app in the list and deactivate it.
  5. You can then uninstall the Certo app as normal.

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