This article applies to: iPhone & iPad

In this article we show you how to scan an iOS device backup for spyware and how to interpret your scan results.

Follow the instructions on this page to scan your iOS backups for spyware and other security vulnerabilities with Certo AntiSpy.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Note: Backup scanning is only available in Certo AntiSpy Max.

How to scan a backup with Certo

  1. Open the Certo AntiSpy application.
  2. Select Scan a backup to switch to the backup selection screen.

  1. If you are using Certo AntiSpy on a Mac, you may need to grant the app permission to access files on your device before it can read your backups. Follow the instructions on screen to do this.

  1. All backups found in your default backup location will be listed. To look for backups in a different location (e.g. an external drive), click Choose a different location and select the location containing the backups you wish to scan.

  1. Click the backup you wish to scan and then click Scan Now.

  1. Please wait while Certo AntiSpy scans your backup for threats. Scanning time will depend on the size of the backup.

Interpreting your results

When complete, the results of the scan are displayed. Certo AntiSpy groups results into 5 categories, with status colours indicating the severity of any threats.

Click any identified threat for more information and removal steps.

Interpreting scan results

Threat Levels

Red – Severe threat, your personal data is at risk and action is required.

Orange – Medium threat, a potential risk has been detected and requires your attention.

Green – All clear, no threat was detected for this category.

Threat Categories

Spyware – Checks for hidden spyware or stalkerware on your device that could allow someone to remotely monitor your activity.

Malicious Keyboards – Checks for malicious keyboards installed on your device that could allow someone to record things you type (e.g. passwords).

Tracking Apps – Checks for any installed tracking apps that could be used to share the location of your device with a third-party.

OS Integrity – Checks your operating system for unauthorized modifications (e.g. jailbreak) that could make your device more vulnerable to malware.

WiFi Sync – Checks if your device is configured to automatically backup to a nearby computer. Spyware can abuse this feature in order to steal data.

Apple ID Security

Securing your Apple ID with two-factor authentication can help protect your iCloud account from hackers. Certo AntiSpy can’t automatically check if this is enabled for you, but here you’ll find simple steps to check this on your device yourself.

Scanning Apple ID

Permissions Check

In addition to threat detection, Certo AntiSpy will also audit the permissions granted to each app on your device. Click ‘View Apps’ to show a list of which apps have access to sensitive features on your device such as the microphone, camera or GPS location.

Video Tutorial

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