This article applies to: iPhone & iPad

In this article we will explain what backup encryption is, and why it may be set on your device.

When performing a scan of your device (or backup) with Certo AntiSpy, you may receive a message informing you that backup encryption is enabled. This may be because you’ve previously set a backup password in iTunes or Finder; or your employer has enabled it on your behalf.

Backup encryption is a feature available on all iOS devices that ensures data transferred from your device to a computer is encrypted. So that Certo AntiSpy can perform a complete scan of your device (or backup) you will need to provide the backup encryption password so that this data can be scanned.

During the scan you will be asked for your backup encryption password. This password is the one you set when first enabling backup encryption for this device in iTunes or Finder. If you have forgotten this password, you can reset it by following these instructions.

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