Say hello to next-gen spyware detection with Certo AntiSpy 3.0

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


Next-gen spyware detection

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving industry and as a result, we are always aiming to bring you the most effective and innovative products. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our next-generation spyware detection tool for iPhones, Certo AntiSpy 3.0.

We have launched our new app with two aims in mind. First, we have streamlined the scanning process and it’s now easier than ever before for our customers to detect cyber threats and protect their personal data. Second, have added a whole host of new features to help protect against the latest iOS threats including Pegasus and WebWatcher.

Here are some more details on the new features we have added to the app:

Streamlined scanning process and user experience

We’ve had lots of great feedback about Certo AntiSpy over the years, including some features and changes that our customers would love to see. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce the following in Certo AntiSpy 3.0:

  • One-click scanning of your device is now possible. With one-click scanning, it means there is no need to create a backup of your iPhone/iPad in iTunes anymore. This saves time and storage space on your computer. It also means added privacy, as all of your data is kept on your iPhone/iPad.
  • We have completely overhauled the user experience. The update means that the software is now easier to use than ever before. So easy in fact, that you can scan your device with just one click.
  • Certo AntiSpy can now either completely remove detected threats or provide easy to follow step-by-step removal instructions for any threats found on your device. Giving you peace of mind that your phone is protected from harm.

Added support for the latest iOS threats

  • Certo AntiSpy 3.0 now detects threats that take advantage of the iOS WiFi Sync feature to spy on your device, for example, WebWatcher. This method is becoming more commonly used by spyware companies.
  • We have added newly discovered IOC (Indicators of Compromise) for the Pegasus Spyware and other advanced iOS threats.
  • Malicious keyboard detection has now been added to the app. Malicious keyboards are an emerging method used by spyware providers. They are specially crafted custom keyboards designed to record everything you type and send it to a third-party. Certo AntiSpy will now alert you if one of these is hidden on your device.
  • We have also improved our Jailbreak detection, it’s now more accurate and even detects if your device has been Jailbroken in the past.

Existing Certo AntiSpy user?

If you are already an existing user of Certo AntiSpy you are in luck. This is because existing users of Certo AntiSpy get access to these great new features right away as part of their subscription. Simply download the new version from your Certo account today: