New iPhone Security App from Certo

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


Looking for a security app you can trust?

Certo Software is proud to announce the release of our brand-new iOS app, Certo Mobile Security. The only iPhone app that checks your device configuration, helps you prevent unauthorized access and provides actionable security advice for protecting your personal data.

Introducing Certo Mobile Security

If you’ve ever searched for “security app” in the App Store then you probably know there aren’t many to choose from. This is partly because
iPhones are already quite secure
when compared with other smartphones, and partly due to restrictions placed by Apple on what apps are allowed to do. Nevertheless, there are still many users who are concerned about the security of their devices and thousands search the App Store for answers every day.

However, existing apps don’t always offer the solution people want. Many simply re-create features already offered by Apple, while others are confusing to use or too technical.

Certo takes a different approach. We know what our customers want is peace of mind that their device is as secure as it can be. And so, Certo Mobile Security was born.

Free mobile security from Certo

Download Certo Mobile Security on your iPhone for free and help protect your device from cyber-attacks today.

Expert Advice at your fingertips

Certo Mobile Security is a security review tool that helps you protect your iPhone or iPad by monitoring its configuration and guiding you through how to setup your device for a more secure experience. Our free app complements our industry-leading spyware detection software helping you safeguard your data and secure your mobile world.

Features include:

  • Device Analyser – Automatically checks if you have the latest security fixes installed and whether you are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Security Checklist – Provides actionable security tips for protecting your personal data with an easy to use checklist to keep track of completed actions.
  • Security Advice – Learn about additional often-overlooked security settings that can help further protect your device.

Want to scan for iPhone spyware too?

Try Certo AntiSpy for Windows or Mac, our easy to use tool that scans your iPhone or iPad for spyware in a matter of minutes.