Introducing Our New and Improved Certo Mobile Security for iOS

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months and we’re happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Certo Mobile Security 2.0 for iOS.

Our new app can accurately identify indicators of compromise, such as Jailbreaks, and perform a full security health check to ensure your iPhone is configured for maximum security.

Certo Mobile Security 2.0 has been completely redesigned from the ground-up and features a brand-new interface and added capabilities. The new features have completely overhauled the user experience, meaning the app looks sharper and is easier to use than ever before. Get it for FREE from the App Store today.

iPhone security, made simple

Download our FREE Android app Certo Mobile Security from the App Store and secure your devices from cyber attacks now.

New features for Certo Mobile Security 2.0 include:

  • Brand new WiFi scan feature: WiFi scanning helps you stay safe online. It works by analyzing your current network for signs of unauthorized monitoring, router vulnerabilities and other threats.
  • Device scanner: Certo Mobile Security 2.0 scans the device for indicators of compromise which helps to protect against cyber threats such as spyware or stalkerware.
  • Security check: The new app can also carry out a full security health check, providing easy to follow step-by-step instructions to fix any issues found on the device. The check ensures that the latest security fixes are installed, the device is protected against unauthorized access and the ad tracking settings are configured for optimal online privacy.
  • Security & privacy checklist: Certo Mobile Security 2.0 also helps you set up your iOS device for a more secure experience. It provides actionable security tips to give you the peace of mind that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself and your device.

Certo Mobile Security 2.0 is a great way to help protect your iOS device and is an important first step to take if you are concerned about the security of your personal data. Should you wish to add further layers of security, why not try out Certo AntiSpy and run a more in-depth deep scan to identify more advanced threats that an iOS app cannot detect.