Introducing Our New Android App – Certo Mobile Security

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


We’re happy to announce that our brand new app Certo Mobile Security is now available to download for Android. The app is an all-in-one security solution built from the ground up to crush spyware, stop intruders and keep you safe online.

Download our FREE app now and start scanning your device for malicious software as soon as possible. This app will always be completely Ad-free.

Free anti-spyware for Android

Download Certo Mobile Security from the Play Store now to find and remove spyware such as mSpy.

Users looking for that extra protection can choose to upgrade to our premium version that gives you access to enhanced protection features for just $1.99 per month or $12.99 annually (a saving of almost 50%).

Certo Mobile Security App Features

We’re the leading experts in helping iOS users keep their devices protected and free from spyware. Now we’re helping Android users to do the same by offering the following features in our brand new app.

1. Spyware Scanner

Perform an in-depth scan of your device to find any spyware that may be lurking in the system files, monitoring your activity or collecting images, videos, passwords and texts.

We’ve spent many years building a comprehensive database of Android malware, and we’re constantly updating it with any new threats discovered by our expert security research team.

Why you need it: Scanning your device regularly allows you to stay on top of any potential malware or security threats.

2. Threat Removal

Any threats found on your device are easily removed with the tap of a button. Once a threat is removed, the hacker will no longer have access to the information stored on your device.

Why you need it: This saves you having to manually remove the threat from your device, which can be both complicated and tedious.

3. Intruder Detection

Set a trap for any would-be intruders looking to get their hands on your private data. If anyone moves your phone whilst it’s unattended or enters an incorrect passcode, Certo Mobile Security will take a silent photo of them or sound an alarm.

Why you need it: If you suspect someone is trying to hack your phone, this feature can help you discover the identity of the hacker.

4. Breach Check

Perform a scan of online databases to find out if your personal accounts have been compromised in a data breach. Find out if you need to change your password before it’s too late.

Why you need it: Data from over 3.5 billion online accounts was stolen by hackers in 2019; exposing usernames, passwords and other sensitive information on the dark web. Using this feature will easily allow you to check if you are affected by such events with a few simple taps, instead of having to spend hours sifting through data on various websites.

5. Privacy Protection

Certo Mobile Security allows you to easily manage your apps and determine which apps have permission to features such as the camera, microphone, GPS location, messages, storage and even phone and contacts.

Why you need it: Know exactly which apps have access to which features. For example, you might find that an app has permission to use the camera, when it has no use for it. You can easily deactivate any permissions if necessary.

6. System Adviser

This feature is designed to help you keep an eye on your system settings and easily identify any settings that might pose a threat to your device’s security. Certo Mobile Security will allow you to quickly fix any issues and ensure your device is configured as securely as possible.

Why you need it: If you previously activated a setting that was supposed to be temporary (e.g. the ‘Allow apps from unknown sources’ setting) but could be exploited by a hacker when not in use.

If you want to stay safe whilst using your Android device, Certo Mobile Security is the perfect solution. You can download it from the Play Store by clicking the link above, or you can learn more about the app here.