How to detect mSpy on an iPhone


When most people hear the word ‘spyware’ they might imagine some complicated piece of software used by governments to spy on each other. Maybe something that only the greatest of technical minds can fathom.

However, in reality, quite the opposite is true.

Yes, contrary to common belief, spyware can be both incredibly simple and incredibly cheap. These factors combined mean that the risk of becoming a victim of spyware is unfortunately much more of a common prospect these days.

Check your iPhone for mSpy

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What is mSpy?

One of the most popular commercially sold spyware products on the market is mSpy, and is available for as little as $30.

mSpy has always claimed to be a parental control tool, but there’s more than enough evidence to show that they aren’t shy about marketing themselves as outright spyware, as can be seen in a recent Twitter advert. This image clearly shows that mSpy are targeting people worried about their partner’s trustworthiness.

mSpy Lite

Add to that some of the reviews found on the Apple App Store page for their “mSpy Lite Phone Tracker App” and you begin to get an insight into how their apps are often used:

“Very good application. Any place, I can detect my husband. Love tracking messages and calls.” 5 stars – 10/13/2018

“Its a nice experience tracking my wife’s location” 5 stars – 11/15/2019

When you look at the bigger picture, it’s clear that mSpy is designed to be intrusive. In particular, a few of the features listed on the mSpy website make it a very invasive piece of software, such as:

  • SMS and call tracking and interception.
  • Read a victim’s emails.
  • Track GPS locations.
  • Monitor third party messenger apps (such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp).
  • Remaining completely hidden from the user.

On that note, we think that it’s extremely important for iPhone users to be able to detect whether or not mSpy has been installed, and also hopefully work out who is responsible for hacking their device.

Certo AntiSpy can detect if mSpy has been installed on your device, as well as thousands of other iOS threats and spyware. This is particularly helpful if you are suspicious that someone might have hacked your device and had access to sensitive information.

mSpy offers three different spyware products that allow tracking of an iPhone:

1. mSpy iPhone Monitoring

This is the main mSpy product and is also the most intrusive. Here at Certo, we specifically designed our software to protect against spyware such as this.

Because mSpy is designed to circumvent Apple’s security features, this type of spyware will give an attacker the absolute ultimate access to your private data. They will get access to vast amounts of your personal information and will also be able to remotely track and monitor your activity on an ongoing basis as long as the software remains undetected – which is unlikely as this software can be completely hidden from you.

This type of software can even record every keystroke you input into your iPhone, which also means that the hacker could potentially get access to any of your online account passwords. That could mean banking, email, shopping accounts, etc. are all compromised and could cause huge financial and time costs for you as the victim.

2. mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker

This is the iOS app created by mSpy to allow location tracking. Of course, Apple would not allow companies to list full-fledged spyware onto their App Store, so this app is marketed as a parental control app as mentioned earlier in this article.

Even though this app is not able to be completely hidden from a victim, it’s still possible to disguise this app and hide it amongst other apps on a device. Luckily, Certo AntiSpy can detect this type of software and alert you to any tracking being carried out by a third-party app.

3. mSpy iPhone Monitoring without Jailbreak

This is similar to the first type of software except for the fact that this type of hack is not as invasive, and the attacker won’t be able to extract as much information from the victim.

That’s because this type of hack isn’t installed directly onto the device, but is instead used to access the user’s iCloud account. Whilst this does give the hacker access to private information stored on the iCloud account, the information won’t be as current, and the hacker won’t be able to monitor the victim in real time.

It’s not possible to detect this type of hack by scanning the iPhone, as there is no spyware installed on the actual device. However, it’s possible to fully protect yourself against this type of hack by enabling Apple two-factor authentication.

How to remove mSpy from iPhone

Download Certo AntiSpy and run a quick spyware scan.

Follow the on-screen instructions to completely remove mSpy from your iPhone.