How to catch someone spying on your phone


If you’ve been following our recent blog posts, then you’ll know we’ve been giving a lot of information to help you determine if your phone has been hacked. This article will cover some of the ways you can actually catch someone in the act of spying on your phone.

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1. Scan your phone with anti-spyware apps/software

The easiest way of discovering spyware on your device is to perform a scan using security software such as Certo AntiSpy (for iOS devices) or an app such as Certo Mobile Security (for Android).

For this method, all you need to do is install the software either on your mobile device or computer and then perform the scan once everything is set up. Both of the Certo anti-spyware products will allow you to detect any spyware running on your devices and will help you remove the spyware completely.

If you then wanted to find out who it was that hacked your device, you could follow the steps provided in our article on finding out who hacked your phone.

2. Catch the snooper in the act

If you are determined to catch someone in the act of spying on your phone then you can lay a ‘trap’ for them.

The Certo Mobile Security app for Android allows users to take a silent photo of anyone who might be trying to hack your phone. Along with an alarm, this feature can be setup to trigger whenever someone moves your phone or enters an incorrect password multiple times. This feature is also coming to Certo Mobile Security for iOS in the near future.

This method doesn’t actually prevent them from hacking your device. However, if you just want to find out the truth about whether or not someone is trying to spy on you then it can be useful. Alternatively, something like this can also act as a deterrent against any would-be hackers.

3. Engage in misinformation

If you have suspicions that someone is listening in on your calls or monitoring your texts, then you might want to develop a plan to spread some misinformation. This can help you to determine exactly who is intercepting your messages or other data from your phone.

For example, let’s say that you text your friend a ‘fake secret’ about yourself that you both agree to not tell anyone else. If that secret makes its way back to you – you know that someone has been spying on you and monitoring your texts. You can then trace that information back to the original source and hopefully find the identity of your hacker.

Important: Be careful not to put either yourself or others in danger if engaging in misinformation.

4. Set a trap SMS message

This one is a little more complicated but can give you some really solid evidence that you’ve been hacked. Basically, you set a trap for the hacker by sending a link to a friend (who is forewarned not to click on it!). This link will track any clicks and record some basic details of the person who clicked it. If the link is clicked then you know that someone else is reading your messages. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. So first, go to
  2. Enter a link for the clicker to be taken to (it can be any website you choose e.g. “”) and click “Shorten”.
  3. You’ll then be given a link for “Collecting Statistics”. This is the one you should send in a text message, which will take someone to the website you set above. The link will look something like
  4. Important: Don’t click or open this link as it will be logged and it might be difficult to work out if you or someone else has clicked the link.
  5. Tip: You can select a different domain name if you don’t want “” in the link.
  6. Make a note of the “Link for viewing statistics”. You’ll need to go back to this later to see if anyone has clicked your link.
  7. Then go ahead and compose a message to your friend, include the link (asking them beforehand not to click it) and something that would entice a snooper to click on it, then hit send.
  8. All you need to do now is check back on the “Link for viewing statistics” every so often. If it says the link has been visited then it’s a pretty strong sign that someone is reading your text messages.

As always, if you’d like to learn any more about our security apps and software to help you detect and remove spyware from your Android or iOS device, just click below.

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