Certo iPhone is now Certo AntiSpy

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


We’re delighted to announce that our popular iOS spyware detection tool ‘Certo iPhone’ has been renamed as Certo AntiSpy.

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve kept all of the industry-leading technology responsible for ensuring the protection of our customers’ iOS devices against malicious software attacks from hackers.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything and the software will continue working as great as it always does.

Award-winning spyware detection

Combat spyware and other cyber threats with Certo AntiSpy, the world's leading anti-spyware tool for iPhones.

What does Certo AntiSpy do?

The main function of Certo AntiSpy is to allow iOS users to quickly and easily scan their device for spyware and security vulnerabilities. This can be done even if the spyware has been hidden from the view of the user – exposing a threat that would otherwise go completely unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Our software was developed as a solution to Apple’s decision not to allow antivirus onto their App Store. Before Certo AntiSpy, iOS users had to rely on Apple software updates or manual detection methods to remove vulnerabilities and security threats.

The main features of Certo AntiSpy are:

  1. Spyware detection – Detecting malicious software installed by hackers. This is used to retrieve personal information from the device and also to track a user’s GPS location. – listen in on calls etc.
  2. Jailbreak detection – Jailbreaking is a method used by hackers to bypass Apple’s built-in security. This is what allows them to then install the Spyware mentioned above. With this feature you’ll be able to detect if your device has been Jailbroken.
  3. App permissions check & tracking app detection – Some legitimate apps can be used to spy on you and some apps violate permissions to send information to a third-party. Certo AntiSpy can monitor which permissions are requested by which apps and can also detect which apps are tracking your location.

How does Certo AntiSpy work?

Watch a full video tutorial on how to scan your iPhone for spyware with Certo AntiSpy below:

Here’s a quick run down of the simple process:

  1. Open Certo AntiSpy.
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer.
  3. Click “Scan”.
  4. After a few minutes, the results of the scan will be displayed.
  5. If your device is infected with spyware you can remove it from your device by following the advice in this article.

If you are worried about someone hacking your iPhone or iPad, download Certo AntiSpy today by clicking here.