Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone

Olivia Roberts

By Olivia Roberts


Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone

Mobile security has become an increasingly prevalent issue. As we become more digitally savvy as a society, so do criminals. Now more than ever, criminals are moving from the streets to the online world and specifically using cell phones as a way to target their victims. In fact, mobile malware was up 23% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

While the term antivirus is used by many when discussing cyber threats for the iPhone, technically antivirus apps do not exist for iOS. However, there are some great “security” apps on the App Store that can give your device extra protection against threats and for ease we have grouped these under the general term of antivirus apps.

1. Certo Mobile Security

Certo AntiSpy

Certo Mobile Security is a great all round scanner that is able to detect if you have been hacked. The antivirus app can accurately identify indicators of compromise, such as Jailbreaks, and perform a full security health check to ensure your iPhone is fully protected, with a brand new WiFi scan feature and security checklist for maximum protection.

What we like about it: The intuitive interface and advanced features makes Certo Mobile Security a great fit for anyone, including those who are not tech-savvy. The app is completely free, meaning that all of the features are available without paying to upgrade. Certo Mobile Security also has no annoying adverts which, alongside the great security advice offered in the app, helps to make the user experience much smoother.

What could be better: Certo Mobile Security is great at detecting if your device or network may be compromised, but unlike some of the other apps in this list Certo has focussed purely on providing the best threat detection, at the expense of some additional features you get with other antivirus apps. For example, a VPN or Photo Vault are not included.

2. LogDog

Unlike other antivirus apps on the market, LogDog is designed to monitor your profiles on sites such as Gmail, Dropbox and Facebook and alert you to suspicious activity, such as logins from unfamiliar places. This gives you a chance to step in and change your credentials before serious harm can be done. LogDog will also scan your email and highlight messages that contain sensitive data such as credit card details and passwords, which you can then purge to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

What we like about it: LogDog is priced very competitively at just $8.99 a month. It’s also a great add-on to other antivirus applications giving you more comprehensive protection.

What could be better: There are limitations to it’s all-round effectiveness in terms of identifying malicious apps on the device because it focuses solely on online accounts. This means that while it is a good first step, it should be used in conjunction with other security applications to create stronger virus protection.

3. F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE is another product that works to protect your network from attack and is a good fit for those looking specifically for Internet security and safer online shopping. Their iPhone app includes banking protection, browsing protection and parental control features that help to keep your devices safe from hackers.

What we like about it: F-Secure is known for its PC protection and their mobile antivirus app does have a number of features that can keep you safe online. Its advanced network protection can detect brand new malware, helping to give you peace of mind when it comes to your personal data. Combined with a streamlined, easy to use interface it is a good option for network protection.

What could be better: Whilst this app does a great job at keeping you safe online with their secure browser, it does not have any threat detection capability or additional security features. The app is also subscription based, so after your initial free trial has expired you will need to choose one of their paid plans to continue using the app.

4. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a virtual private network (VPN) app that allows you to create a private network by redirecting your connection through a specially configured remote server run by a VPN host. While it’s a little different than your average antivirus app, the encrypted nature of the connection helps to ensure that your sensitive data is safely transmitted, so even if someone could intercept your network traffic they cannot see what you’re looking at. TunnelBear is particularly good for encrypting your data and staying anonymous online. A secure VPN has a number of security benefits such as protecting your online banking data and your online shopping data.

What we like about it: TunnelBear for iOS has a number of great features that you can utilize to make sure that you are safe as you browse. It is automatically on, meaning you are always protected, with its strong encryption utilizing a AES 256-bit cipher by default. The user interface is also easy to use with a handy map that you can see where your data is being tunneled around the world.

What could be better: While TunnelBear is a great way to stay anonymous, it’s not able to identify whether your mobile has already been compromised. We would recommend using this when handling sensitive data in conjunction with a comprehensive antivirus app.

5. Avast

Avast works on the premise that ‘wherever you live, whatever you love, wherever you’re going, and whatever you do, you have the right to live freely and safely online’. Avast is a trusted brand that specializes in VPN and WiFi protection. Their antivirus tools are available on iPhone and their cloud-light approach means that it won’t slow down your phone either.

What we like about it: Like TunnelBear, Avast’s Secureline VPN is a great way to keep safe while browsing online and giving you the option to encrypt your connection on unsecured Wi-Fi. It is unlimited, meaning that you can use it as much as you like without worrying about running out of your subscription.

What could be better: However, Avast’s VPN feature is only available via an in-app purchase, so you won’t get the most from their app without signing up to one or their monthly or yearly plans, starting at $4.99/month

Which iPhone virus protection app is best?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an antivirus app for iOS. Before making your choice, ask yourself what your main objective is. Do you want to add privacy to your internet browsing? Are you concerned that your data may have been leaked? Are you worried your iPhone may have been hacked by known or unknown threats?

Once you have decided what your primary goal is, you can then make informed choices based on both price and functionality. There are several low-cost options on the market that will provide you the best level of virus protection without breaking the bank. Some antivirus apps operate a freemium model, which means you can get a certain layer of security entirely free. While most apps can be run with one-click, others may require more technical knowledge to get up and running.

The best thing you can do is do your research and find an antivirus app that suits your own individual needs. The ones we have listed in this blog will help you to protect your iPhone and your identity, giving you the best possible chance to keep your data secure.