Are Attitudes to Phone Snooping Changing?

Catherine Harris

By Catherine Harris


Here at Certo, we work hard to help you retain full control of your device and prevent anyone else from violating your privacy.

We recently commissioned a survey to explore the most commonly held attitudes within relationships towards snooping on a partner’s cell phone.

We did this because we wanted to find out how people felt about the prospect of sneakily checking their partner’s texts or internet history, how they would feel to be on the receiving end, and crucially, whether installing spyware is illegal, or if they thought they had a right to know what their partner was up to.

We know there is a big difference between checking a phone while someone is out of the room and taking steps to install spyware, however, they are different points on the same spectrum.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic a huge number of people were forced to stay at home, and during these months spyware use rocketed globally. With no sign of it slowing down it is important to stay vigilant and make sure you are protecting yourself.

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We have presented the results of the survey in a graphic below, but some notable statistics are:

  • The majority of people (59%) know their partner’s phone passcode, and of those, 67% admit that they would snoop on their partner’s phone if they felt it was justified.
  • Women are more likely to look through their partner’s phone with 67% saying they would do so as opposed to 45% of men.
  • Younger people are nearly twice as likely to snoop on their partner’s phone than older people.
  • 47% of people surveyed would confront their partner if they suspected they were spying or snooping on their phone.
  • Only 31% of people surveyed thought that spying on someone else’s phone was illegal.

The survey, visualized…