Apple Commits to 5 Years of Security Updates for Iphones

Sophia Taylor

By Sophia Taylor


Apple has long been praised for its robust security updates, but the company has now made its first formal commitment regarding the duration of these updates for iPhones. Surprisingly, the commitment is shorter than some might expect: five years of security updates.

This announcement is part of the UK’s new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulation, which mandates that phone manufacturers disclose the support period for their devices. According to Apple’s filing, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will receive a “minimum of 5 years from the first supply date,” with that date set at September 22, 2023.

Under the PSTI, a “security update” is defined as any software update that enhances the security of a product. This includes updates that address security vulnerabilities discovered by the manufacturer or reported by users.

Comparatively, Apple’s commitment falls short of what some competitors offer. For instance, both Samsung and Google provide up to seven years of security and Android OS updates for their latest flagship phones.

While a longer commitment from Apple would be preferable, iPhone users need not worry too much about their devices becoming obsolete after five years. Apple’s track record suggests that their phones will continue to be secure and functional well beyond the formal update period. For example, the iPhone 6S released in 2015 continued to receive security updates for almost 8 years after its launch.