This article applies to: iPhone & iPad

If you encounter an issue backing-up your iPhone using Apple’s software then you may be able to successfully backup using third-party software. The software we recommend is AnyTrans.

1. Download and install AnyTrans on your computer.

2. Launch AnyTrans and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB Cable.

3. Click ‘Backup Manager’ and then click ‘Back Up Now’.

4. Ensure Backup Encryption, Incremental Backup and AirBackup are all disabled. Make a note of the Backup Path or click ‘Change Path’ to choose a new location, you will need this later.

5. Click ‘Back Up Now’ and wait for the backup to complete.

6. Once complete, launch Certo AntiSpy.

7. Open the Settings page:

  • On Windows – Click the ‘Settings’ button in the top right of the Welcome page.
  • On Mac – Select ‘Edit’ from the top menu bar and then click ‘Preferences’.

8. Click ‘Change’.

9. Select the folder where AnyTrans saved your backup. You made a note of this in step 4.

10. Back on the Settings page, click ‘Save Settings’.

11. Certo AntiSpy will now look in this location for your backups. If required, re-open the Settings page and click ‘Default’ to change back to the default backup location.