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Chris Thompson

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Introducing Chris

Chris is a seasoned writer for all things cyber security at Certo, where he distills complex security concepts into practical advice for everyday mobile users. With a background in digital marketing, Chris leveraged his expertise to transition into the cyber security industry. Over the years, he has cultivated a deep understanding of personal cyber security challenges and threats, making him a trusted resource for those looking to safeguard their digital lives.

Chris is committed to educating readers about the latest security threats and best practices to protect their devices and personal information. His articles not only cover timely cyber security trends but also provide actionable steps that individuals can follow to enhance their online security.

When he's not writing about important cyber security issues, Chris indulges in his passions for Formula 1 racing and the Star Wars universe. These interests not only provide a creative outlet but also enrich his perspectives, which he brings into his writing.

Chris’s blend of professional knowledge and personal enthusiasm makes him a unique voice at Certo, helping readers navigate the evolving world of cyber security with confidence.