What is WiFi Sync spyware?

This relatively new threat works by abusing Apple’s WiFi Sync feature in order to send data from your device to a nearby computer.

It can be used to spy on any iOS device and, if compromised, all data from your device could be at risk.

How to check your device?

Currently, there is nothing on your device to tell you that WiFi Sync is enabled, and therefore if you might be affected by this threat.

However, at Certo we’ve created a free tool that can quickly check your device. Read on to see how it works.

How to tell if someone is listening to your phone calls

Using Certo Wifi Sync Checker

Step 1

Download WiFi Sync Checker to your computer and run it.

Step 2

Plug in your iOS device using the USB cable.

Step 3

Click “Check now” and wait while your device is analyzed.

Step 4

The app will tell you if WiFi Sync is enabled on your device.

Step 5

If enabled, click to turn off WiFi Sync.

Get Certo WiFi Sync Checker

A computer is required to check whether WiFi Sync is enabled on your iOS device.

Frequently asked questions

  • Due to the way iOS devices work, apps installed directly on the device cannot determine if WiFi Sync is enabled. However, it is possible for a computer-based application to check the WiFi Sync status over a USB connection. Therefore, Certo WiFi Sync Checker works via your computer, providing a way to quickly and accurately determine the status of WiFi Sync.

  • Not necessarily. WiFi Sync is a legitimate iOS feature that can be used to regularly backup your iOS device to a nearby computer. However, it is known to be misused by some spyware makers. We recommend disabling WiFi Sync if you do not use it.

  • To set up WiFi Sync spyware, the perpetrator would need to connect your device to a computer in order to enable WiFi Sync and set up the spyware. If your device has a passcode, they would need to know this too.

  • No, if you are an existing Certo AntiSpy customer then a WiFi Sync check is already included in your current software.