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Best malware detection and removal you can find. I’ve been using this for about a year now and would recommend to anyone. I have an antivirus app as well but I always keep this app on my phone as I think it’s a deeper scan. Good additional features as well.

Clayton Horn,
Play Store

My partner and I both use this and it’s a great app. First time I used it it found a bunch of bad files that I think I accidentally downloaded one time and didn't know where they went. Great to know that it will find and remove anything bad from my phone. Thanks!

Kiyansh Paswan,
Play Store

Really like the intruder catcher thing in this app. Used it to grab a selfie of my roommate creeping on my phone when i was in the shower. He doesn’t live here anymore after that! Stay safe everyone!

Calina Plotnikov,
Play Store

My son who works in IT suggested I try this app after I was getting lots of strange messages and things happening on my phone. Since running it once a week I have had no viruses or malware problems. I also got a VPN app so I think with both I’m all set!

Angel Santos,
Play Store

So far it does as it was recommended on Google about phone hacking and known to be a trusted protection company for scans and takes like 10 mins so it must do everything..and so far no problems..also you can set it so if someone picks up your phone it takes a picture of them..really cool

Lefty Spencer,
Play Store

Having this app definitely makes me feel more secure. I was hacked before having this on my phone, and knowing it is on my phone now takes away all the worry.

Marian Mora,
Play Store

This is a great app, highly recommend. My phone was thoroughly scanned for threats, hackers etc. Thankfully there was nothing found. Also, fot some strange reason, when a ad would show a game, it would automatically download to my phone. Thankfully not anymore 🤗

Play Store

Stop spyware in its tracks

Certo’s powerful next-gen spyware scanner will find malicious apps and files, fast! Protect your phone or tablet from spyware, stalkerware, viruses and trojans that can steal your data or spy on your device.

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Must have security features

Spyware detection

Our advanced spyware detection engine can identify if a device contains spyware or bugging software.

OS integrity check

Analyze your operating system for signs of tampering that could compromise security, such as rooting.

Control your data

Identify apps that can track your location, monitor your calls, access your files and more. Revoke access to any you’d prefer not to share data with.

Catch snoopers

Find out if your device is moved when you leave it unattended or catch someone trying to guess your PIN. Take a secret photo of the intruder or ward them off with a loud alarm.

Threat removal

Our intelligent scan allows you to safely and easily remove any threats from your device with the tap of a button.

Protect online identity

Use our Breach Check tool to find out if your accounts or passwords have been compromised and take steps to protect your online identity.

Certo is hands down the best security app i’ve had and I’ve tried a lot. The protection seems really good and love that there’s no ads - seems like all the other apps have a million ads!

Addison Hendrix, Play Store

Detect and destroy malware

Uncover malware even if it’s designed to be undetectable. Plus, stay safe 24/7 – we keep you protected by automatically scanning your device for threats.

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