Stop spyware in its tracks

Certo’s powerful next-gen spyware scanner will find malicious apps and files, fast! Protect your phone or tablet from spyware, stalkerware, viruses and trojans that can steal your data or spy on your device.

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Must have security features

Spyware detection

Our advanced spyware detection engine can identify if a device contains spyware or bugging software.

OS integrity check

Analyze your operating system for signs of tampering that could compromise security, such as rooting.

Control your data

Identify apps that can track your location, monitor your calls, access your files and more. Revoke access to any you’d prefer not to share data with.

Catch snoopers

Find out if your device is moved when you leave it unattended or catch someone trying to guess your PIN. Take a secret photo of the intruder or ward them off with a loud alarm.

Threat removal

Our intelligent scan allows you to safely and easily remove any threats from your device with the tap of a button.

Protect online identity

Use our Breach Check tool to find out if your accounts or passwords have been compromised and take steps to protect your online identity.

Easily the best security app I’ve had and tell everyone to get it for their cell too. Seems to perform well, other apps I’ve had slow things down or crash the phone, But Certo is really good so far.

Yume Fujiwara

Detect and destroy malware

Uncover malware even if it’s designed to be undetectable. Plus, stay safe 24/7 – we keep you protected by automatically scanning your device for threats.

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