Our story

August 2015

Certo Software is born

Mobile spyware usage was growing rapidly and detecting it on many devices was near impossible. Certo Software was founded by two experts in cyber security with a clear mission to create accessible and reliable anti-spyware solutions for mobile.

November 2015

Certo AntiSpy is launched

Following months of research and development, our flagship product - Certo AntiSpy, was released to the world. As the first ever spyware detection solution for iPhones, it marked the beginning of a new era in iOS security.

December 2016

Protected 1,000 devices

In just over a year, Certo AntiSpy had helped secure over 1,000 iOS devices. Our revolutionary software impressed customers with its threat detection capabilities and ease of use.

October 2017

Our iOS app is released

With the iPhone now celebrating its 10th birthday, our experts bring together years of extensive iOS security knowledge to create Certo Mobile Security. A free app with a unique approach that makes iPhone security accessible to everyone.

November 2018

Protected 25,000 devices

Certo rapidly establishes itself as the leading anti-spyware provider for iPhone users. With thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide trusting us to secure their devices.

January 2020

Certo for Android is unveiled

Now a respected cyber-security company and with a proven track record in iPhone spyware detection, Certo applied this same expertise to Android. After a full year of development, Certo Mobile Security for Android was  released to the world.

September 2020

Joining the fight against stalkerware

Certo joined forces with the Coalition Against Stalkerware to combat non-consensual tracking via digital devices, and to work towards providing support for the survivors of tech abuse.

July 2021

Patenting our technology

Submitted patents for our ground-breaking iOS threat detection technology. Our unique solution dramatically simplifies spyware detection for consumers without compromising on accuracy.

February 2022

Award winning mobile security

Our iOS app Certo Mobile Security scoops the top Award in the Best Mobile App Awards. We put our all into everything we do and it's great for our team to get the recognition they deserve.

May 2022

500,000 devices protected

Certo reaches the major milestone of half a million devices secured across iOS and Android. A big thank you to everyone who has trusted us to safeguard their data and secure their mobile world.

March 2023

Three new awards for Certo

Certo scoops Gold awards for Anti-Malware Europe and Mobile Security Europe in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, as well as Gold in the Mobile Security category in the 19th Annual 2023 Globee Cybersecurity Awards.

Supporting survivors and fighting against tracking software

We’ve joined forces with the Coalition Against Stalkerware to combat non-consensual tracking via digital devices, and to work towards providing support for the survivors of domestic violence. Launched in November 2019, the Coalition Against Stalkerware became an important organization dedicated to protecting consumers from abuse, stalking and harassment via commercially-available surveillance software. At Certo, we’re proud to be part of the coalition and the drive to make cyber safety accessible for all.

Protecting iPhone and Android users alike

Our industry-leading spyware detection tools are designed from the ground up to combat mobile threats. Whether you use iPhone or Android, we’ve got you covered.

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