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Very happy with Certo's app. I am not very technically minded but I found it easy enough to use. Also it doesn't seem to slow my phone down or pester me with ads like lots of other apps. Would definitely recommend it.

Evelyn K, Sitejabber

Best malware detection and removal you can find. I’ve been using this for about a year now and would recommend to anyone. I have an antivirus app as well but I always keep this app on my phone as I think it’s a deeper scan. Good additional features as well.

Clayton Horn, Play Store

Installation was a breeze and the software is so easy to use! You just plug your charger into the computer and your phone and scan! That’s it! Thanks for the peace of mind Certo!

Katey Flamank, Trustpilot

My partner and I both use this and it’s a great app. First time I used it it found a bunch of bad files that I think I accidentally downloaded one time and didn't know where they went. Great to know that it will find and remove anything bad from my phone. Thanks!

Kiyansh Paswan, Play Store

I researched this app after my Facebook account was hacked. I was concerned the person may have accessed my entire phone. Certo helped me to rest easy that my OS was intact! A must have app in this day and age.

Danny1878, App Store

Certo made checking my apple iPhone and iPad for viruses and malware so easy. I wish I would have gotten there program sooner. Their customer service is also top notch and friendly staff.

Michael, Trustpilot

Not only does Certo have the best customer service, they were easy to install and the scan was what was promised! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to make sure their phones are safe. Best of the best! Thank you Certo team!

Sandee, Trustpilot

35 years in Cybersecurity. This App is Safe, Effective, and Extremely Informative. Beginner through Expert Users can benefit.

BeaunTeK, App Store

At Certo, mobile security is not an afterthought, it’s what we do.

With years of experience in mobile security and spyware detection, our products have helped countless people safeguard their devices and find peace of mind.

How to tell if someone is listening to your phone calls

Get your freedom back, stop mobile spyware today

Spyware detection

Our advanced spyware detection engine can identify if a device contains spyware or bugging software.

Keylogger detection

Find malicious keyboards installed on your device that could allow someone to record things you type (e.g. passwords).

Find tracking apps

Check which apps can access your location, microphone or camera. Get alerted if a known tracking app is installed.

OS integrity check

Analyze your operating system for signs of tampering that could compromise security, such as Jailbreaking.

Threat removal

Our intelligent scan will either safely remove threats for you or provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Easy to use

We create easy to use apps that can check your device for vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes.

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